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Residential Property Management

Finding a Residential Property Management Company for Your Single Unit Rental in Calgary

If you are planning to rent out your single unit rental, you should look into hiring a residential property management company to take care of your property and relieve you of your management duties. Working with a residential property management company opens up tremendous advantages, not just for rental owners, but for renters as well. 



How Do I Find a Residential Property Management Company Near Me?


First: Location. You want a property manager who can easily access your properties, and that means they should be located around your properties. If you have properties in multiple areas, they should have multiple offices.


How Responsive Should a Property Manager Be?


Very. If the property manager isn't responsive to your initial queries, they aren't going to be responsive when you're a client, either. You want to make sure your property manager will answer your calls when you need them. They will also be responsive to your tenants, which will make them happy as well. 


How Much Should the Fees Be?


This is a complicated question. But in general, you may not want the cheapest available company, because they might do just the bare minimum to support your tenants. Instead, take a look at the comparable fees and services of several different property management companies.


What Should You Look for Before Hiring?


Before hiring a property management company, look at reviews and testimonials to get a better picture of their service and their brand. Their current customers know them best, and will give you the information you need to make a thorough determination.



Are you ready to hire a residential property management company for your single unit rental in Calgary? If so, contact AspirePeak Properties Ltd. Here at AspirePeak Properties Ltd., we offer a full service property management program to all investors looking to rent out their unfurnished properties, so you can stay 100% hands-free of the day to day management.

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