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How do I pay for Rent?

Rent can be paid by:

* 12 months of post-dated cheques

*E-Transfers monthly

*Online Payments or Pre-Authorized Payments.

Please make your cheques payable to

"AspirePeak Properties Ltd.".

If using E-transfer please send it to

How do I submit a maintenance request?

You can submit a maintenance request either by email, phone or through the tenant portal on the website.

Please contact your Property Manager for details on getting setup on the tenant portal.

What do I do in the event of an emergency?

In case of an emergency call 911.

An after hours emergency consists of Fire, Flood or No Heat. Please call AspirePeak Properties at 587-997-1257x1

Noise Complaints are not an emergency. For all noise related issues after 10pm call the police.

Being Locked Out is not an emergency. Please call a locksmith , the cost of a lockout will be your responsibility.

Do I need Tenant Insurance?

Yes! You can be liable for any harm you cause to any part of the building and to others who live or visit there. You are responsible to insure your own belongings from damage caused by fire, flood etc.

AspirePeak Properties Ltd. has partnered with BFL Canada to bring you the coverage you need via an exclusive tenant insurance package.

Click on the House for more details

Property Management

What do I do if I lose a Key?

Being locked out does NOT consist of an emergency. 

Additional keys can be purchased from the landlord for $25.00

Can I smoke or use Cannabis?

No. All our rentals are non-smoking and non-cannabis. A notice to end a tenancy will be given IMMEDIATELY to the tenants engaged in any smoking activities on the property.

The use of Cannabis is strictly prohibited in your lease and will not be tolerated on the premises or in the units.

Are Pets Allowed?

Yes most of our units are Pet Friendly but you will need approval before purchasing a pet. Speak with your Property Manager to learn more.


A one time, annual or monthly non-refundable pet fee will apply (property dependent).  

Only a MAX of 2 Pets allowed!

What are the common area rules?

All Common Area's are to be kept free of all debris and garbage. This includes cardboard boxes, clothing or other storage items.

Patio Furniture, BBQ's are allowed

All Smoking & Drinking are strictly prohibited in the common areas.

dog and cat
cigarette, vape and marijuana wanrings
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