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𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟗 Tenant Red Flags

Updated: 3 days ago

Check out the most common tenant red flags that should make your gut stop and think over the scenario for one of these red flags.

🚩Late or No Show to viewings - How does the tenant respect your time? Do they call to let you know they are running late? Do they call to cancel in advance so you aren't driving 30 mins to show the property.

🚩Dishonesty - Are things different on paper then they are when speaking with the tenant? Why?

🚩Avoidance or Anger over questions - As a property manager and landlord it is our job to ask questions to clarify the answers we receive. Don't be afraid to ask for more details. Does the tenant avoid answering a certain question? Do they get angry when you insist? Maybe not the right tenant for you.

🚩Unverifiable Income - As a property manager we tell all our tenants what is required for their documents to verify income. Does the tenant listen or try to provide something else? Unacceptable income documents: Excel Spreadsheets, Paystubs Older then 30 days or employment letter without company letterhead.

🚩Poor Credit History - Do you require a minimum credit score. Most companies will only consider scores of 650 & up. Does the tenant have late payments? How many times late?

🚩Eviction History - Are there any judgements outstanding or past on the tenants credit report?

🚩Scattered Employment History - Has the tenant been jumping from job to job?

🚩Criminal History - Will the tenant create damage or bring drug use to the property? Will it be safe for other residents?

🚩Landlord Decline to Provide Reference - Why? Ask the questions. See previous post with landlord questions to ask.

Don't want to worry about red flags or asking the hard questions. Reach out to us today to manage your rental!

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