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Landlord Alberta

Are You a Landlord in Alberta of a Lease Only Rental?

As a landlord in Alberta of a lease only rental, were you expecting to do so much work? How do you expect to expand your holdings, if you can’t even keep up with the demands of one tenant? Take back your life and hire a property management company to take care of rental property management needs for you.


What property management services can you expect from property management company:


  • Advertise your rental and pricing it correctly for the market to reduce vacancies.

  • Taking care of your property and showing it to potential renters at their convenience.

  • Screening for the best residents by examining their application, checking their background and credit, and looking at their past rent payment history.

  • Inspecting properties at regular intervals to uncover problems like safety hazards.

  • Taking care of maintenance issues by communicating with vendors like handymen or cleaning services.

  • Drawing up the leasing agreement, reviewing it with tenants, and performing a move-in inspection.

  • Collecting rent, chasing down late payments, and enforcing late fees.

  • Evicting tenants, representing you in court, and coordinating with law enforcement to remove tenants.

  • Providing accounting records and performance statements.


Whether you are a landlord in Alberta who owns a lease only rental or multiple apartment complexes, AspirePeak Properties Ltd. can take care of your needs for you. Finding and checking potential renters, collecting rental payment, dealing with maintenance issues, and evicting problem renters are all in a day’s work for us. We have the staff, experience, and skill to deal with all aspects of rental property. And we’ll give you access to online reports so you can check on how we’re doing at any time. Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to go over a full list of our services.

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