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Draw Rules

Fill Out The Form

Only 1 entry per person (Calgary area only). Please make sure the form is filled out fully, as we will use the below details to check that your entry is valid and notify you of the prize you won.

Like our CRRA Contest Post

Don't forget to like or heart our post about the CRRA Draw on either Instagram or Facebook.

(make sure to mention below which platform you use)

Follow/Like Our Page

Final step is to follow our page on either Instagram or Facebook to receive your prize! Plus you receive the bonus of continued Landlord/Tenant Tips when you follow us.

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Fill out the below form to be entered in to win 1 of the 2 prizes available from AspirePeak Properties!
What Social Media Platform Do You Use?
Which draw would you like to be entered in fo?
Do you want to book a FREE Rental Evaluaton for you property?

Thanks for entering!

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